Dump Voice-Mail, switch to Google Voice

Several years ago I started using Google Voice as my Voicemail for my cellphone. Its been a life changer of sorts. It seems Cell Phone company provided voicemail has not changed in the 20 years or so it has been around.

‘Google voicemail allows your voicemails to be stored in one place, and you never have to worry about your voicemails being deleted after a certain time period. You can always go back and play them whenever you want.’

When I first started using GV I was on T-mobile; now I am on Verizon and I still have all my voicemails. They never get deleted.

Two other great features (among many):

1. Transcrition of voicemails and notification by email, text or both.

2. Missed call notification. If someone calls your phone and they do not leave a voicemail, for example if you are in the subway, you can get a notification with the number and time of the call.

GV has iPhone and Android apps, as well as a pretty slick web interface.

Give it a try, it has Chris Cicero‘s stamp of approval :)